How to Make Sure Your Listing Doesn’t Collect Dust

Brian Merrick | February 14, 2023

Selling a home is impacted by several different factors. Some may be out of your control, like market trends, an unconventional property type, or seasonality. However, sellers can always work to create a great home listing. When listing Malibu homes, partner with an agent. They can help you price your home, stage your property, and market the listing. This decreases the odds of your home listing lingering on the market.

Price correctly

The correct price has a large impact on the success of your home listing. Pricing too high can deter buyers from a listing, which causes it to linger on the market. This is especially true for luxury homes since the buying pool is smaller. However, if a home is priced too low, a seller can miss out on potential profit. Pricing competitively depends on an accurate understanding of market trends in the area.

An agent has the tools necessary to make a comparative market analysis. This is when they analyze the prices of similar properties to yours on the market. They also take into consideration the specifics of your property.

Stage your property

Another way to wow buyers searching for Malibu real estate is to stage your property. Staging is valuable because it helps buyers imagine the home as their own. Statistically, staging has a profound impact on a home listing. Staged homes sell 3-30 times faster than those that aren’t staged. Additionally, homes that are staged can experience boosted sale prices by up to 20%.

When staging your home, clean and declutter spaces. This helps rooms look as spacious as possible. Depersonalize areas by taking down personal photos and decorations. Also, find the right balance of furnishings. Over furnishing and underfurnishing a room makes a space appear smaller than it is. Give buyers a good sense of how their belongings will fit in a space by paying attention to the rooms’ flow.

Take professional photos

If you want your listing to look legitimate to buyers online, professional photos are a must. Most buyers start their search for homes online. As such, their first impression of your property is through a listing’s photos. Clear, high-quality images show buyers that you’re serious about selling. It also gives them an accurate understanding of the home’s layout and features.

When taking photos of coastal locations like Malibu, use additional tools like a drone to capture the surrounding landscape. This gives buyers a fuller scope of what your property provides. Working with a professional photographer is the best way to get clean, consistent pictures. They’ll have the equipment and the editing software to create a memorable viewing experience.

Work with an agent

A real estate agent that specializes in selling Malibu real estate will know what steps to take so your listing doesn’t linger on the market. They have access to services like professional photographers and home stagers. This ensures your home looks the best it can in its listing. An agent also has access to a local MLS. Listing on the MLS makes your property available to other buyers’ agents in the area, who show their clients. The MLS also feeds into public listing platforms. This boosts your home’s exposure, increasing the chance of an offer.

Write an accurate listing

It’s always best to write an accurate listing. Doing so ensures the interest you receive for your listing is genuine. Be honest in disclosing your home’s imperfections, as hiding issues only misleads buyers and makes the sale process longer. An inaccurate listing also runs the risk of being removed from professional platforms. Work with an agent to create an engaging listing description highlighting the property’s upgrades and features.

Showcase location

When listing your Malibu home, always highlight its location. Buyers are heavily swayed by desirable locations and will be looking for someplace with great amenities. Divulging more information about the area is also useful for buyers unfamiliar with a town or city. Highlight things like nearby natural attractions, shopping districts, restaurants, and other area-specific perks.

In Malibu, sellers can mention amenities like its nearby beaches, a waterfront view, and outdoor recreation at spots like Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Residents also love shopping in Malibu Village.

Supplement with marketing

Creating a stellar listing won’t have the desired effect if it can’t reach the right buyers. This is why sellers need to supplement their listings with marketing. A seller’s agent is invaluable in marketing efforts. They have strategies and connections in place to increase its reach. In a home listing, adding the correct keywords helps your listing pop up in a buyer’s search.

To increase online visibility, an agent will also use social media platforms. Sites like Facebook and Instagram support a massive number of users each day. Harnessing this viewership can help your listing receive more attention. It’s also important to provide multiple online resources for all buyer types. These include virtual tours, videos, and interactive maps. An agent also uses in-person marketing by planning open houses, home showings, and setting up signs.

Use these tips for a speedy listing

There are several ways to ensure your home listing receives attention from interested buyers. Be sure to price the listing correctly so it doesn’t get overlooked. Make a property more appealing by staging and taking professional photos. Then, boost the listing’s reach via online and offline marketing. A local agent is a great resource for sellers who want to sell quickly. When you’re ready to plan your home sale, contact experienced local agent Brian Merrick to guide you through the process.

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