Secrets to Buying a Home in Malibu Right Now

July 6, 2023

Nestled about 30 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, Malibu is a haven for many celebrities and entertainment figures. Known for its laid-back vibe and scenic beachfront beauty, this seaside community is a hot real estate market that appeals to residents of all ages. From the peaceful hiking trails leading to Escondido Falls to the relaxing sands of Zuma Beach, Malibu is a paradise in the heart of California. If you are considering buying a home in Malibu, you'll need to prepare in advance. Homes in the area sell quickly, and going in with a plan will help you land the home of your dreams.

Is it a good time to buy a home in Malibu?

Malibu has a strong local economy and a thriving housing market. Although thousands of tourists flock to Malibu year-round to enjoy all the amenities, it remains a vibrant residential area for everyone, from retirees to families with young children. Home appreciation is up 12.1% in the last 12 months, and with recent job growth trending positively, now is an excellent time to plant roots in Malibu.

Tips for buying a Malibu home

Although Malibu's housing market is thriving, it is also very fast-moving. This competitive atmosphere can make it challenging to get the home you want. Working with an experienced local real estate agent can give you the inside advantage. Preparing in advance by following the tips outlined below can also help you in your quest to buy a Malibu home.

Decide what home style and amenities you want

Before you begin your search in earnest, make a list of the features and amenities you want. Much of this might be determined by your lifestyle. If you have a family, one of the many single-family chalets or ranch-style houses in the area could suit you perfectly. If you're single and looking to mingle, a high-rise in the heart of the downtown area might be the perfect fit. Also, decide if you want to do any renovations or upgrades or if you want a home that is move-in ready. Knowing all of these things upfront can help you move quickly when you and your agent narrow down the list of options.

Select the right location

Malibu is a large community with many distinct neighborhoods and subdivisions. If you are already familiar with the area, you might know where you want your home to be located. However, if you're moving to Malibu from another part of California or another state altogether, take the time to familiarize yourself with the different areas. The beach communities, including La Costa Beach and Zuma Beach, are very different in look and feel from the homes located close to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

You should also choose an area that suits your needs in terms of entertainment, schools, and proximity to work. If you don't want to spend a great deal of time in traffic every day, factor that into your home search.

Work with a local Malibu real estate agent

The best way to understand the intricacies of Malibu real estate is by working closely with a realtor who knows the area. The right real estate agent can give you information not just about homes and mortgages but about schools and hot local businesses as well. Realtors can guide you through every stage of the home buying process, from financing and pre-approval to negotiating a closing price.

Explore the area ahead of time

Get to know Malibu by exploring the area as thoroughly as possible. If you already live in Malibu, focus your efforts on the neighborhood where you will be moving. Look into area businesses, parks, and schools, and try to get a feel for the vibe of the surrounding homes. Not only will this aid your home search, but it can also help you feel more comfortable as you settle in.

Make your first offer your strongest

As more people move into the area, homes will stay on the market for a shorter time. When buying a home in Malibu, you can stand out from the competition by making your first offer the strongest. You should only do this if you really want the home. You can also offer above the asking price if you really want to make a strong showing.

Consider making a cash offer

In addition to making your first offer your strongest, one of the best ways to ensure that you get the home you want is by making the offer in cash. It used to be rare for homebuyers to purchase their homes with cash, but according to Forbes, roughly one-third of home purchases were paid for with all cash in October 2022. That number is the highest it has been since 2014, proving that cash is quickly becoming king in the real estate world.

For those selling a home, buyers who make a cash offer are signaling strong purchasing power and intent to buy. There is no concern about financing falling through or possible issues with a bank. Cash offers could also mean a quicker sale, with less time spent on paperwork and the appraisal process. If you can make a cash offer, it can help make buying a Malibu home even easier.

Don't get discouraged

If you make an offer and don't get the home you want, it's easy to be discouraged. However, understanding that the Malibu real estate market is fast-moving should reassure you. If you don't get the first home you make an offer on, know that more beautiful homes in your preferred area will be available soon. By planning in advance, developing a deep understanding of Malibu's various neighborhoods and subdivisions, and making your first offer your best, you will be in a good position to land your dream home.

Contact expert Malibu realtors

There's no better way to conquer your home buying journey than by working with an expert in the area. The Brian Merrick Team has helped thousands of Malibu residents buy and sell property with ease and enjoyment. Our expert team of Malibu realtors have a deep understanding of the local real estate landscape and know what it takes to find and purchase the exact property you want. Plus, our team can give you insights into the neighborhoods and hotspots that make Malibu such a great place to call home. Contact the Brian Merrick Team if you have more questions about the local market or if you're ready to buy a home in Malibu, CA. 

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