How to Choose a Malibu Contractor

Brian Merrick | December 24, 2021

When you find a place to call home in Malibu, it’s only natural that you’ll want your property to perfectly accommodate your lifestyle. Whether a newcomer or a long-standing Malibu real estate owner, you can re-evaluate your home’s condition and consider various projects that would make the property match your style, needs, and utilization.

Kitchens are often a popular choice for a remodel, and frequent renovations included new or refurbished cabinets, improved lighting, and even new energy-efficient appliances. Likewise, remodeling your bathrooms by opting to replace their dated vanity or swapping out the old bath with a stylish free-standing tub is a quick way to reimagine your space.

You may want to tackle ambitious exterior and landscaping projects, including new decks and patios for entertaining and relaxing, play equipment for the kids, and installing a new swimming pool. Not only do these kinds of projects improve your quality of life at home, but they also add value for when it's time to list your house for sale in Malibu.  

Of course, the key to pulling off these projects is to find the best contractor for the job. Picking the right one can sometimes feel as daunting as planning out an ambitious project for your home.

Don’t worry. If you follow our expert recommendations and spend some time doing your research, you’ll soon find that great contractor who will amp up the “wow” factor of your Malibu home.

The greater Malibu area has many fantastic contractors you should consider. First, you should know what to do before signing a contract and set your expectations on hiring. As you plan your remodeling projects, consider lining up a Malibu real estate agent if you plan to sell your home in the near future.  A Malibu real estate agent can help you decide which projects will have the best return on investment and added value to your property. 

How to find a contractor

Once you’ve decided what project you want to tackle, there are many logical steps towards finding a contractor who will do the job right, on time, and on budget. By doing the proper research, you’ll avoid becoming a horror story of a project gone wrong due to an unqualified contractor. 

◾  Have a specific idea of what projects you want for your Malibu real estate, as well as a budget.

◾  Make sure the contractor has familiarity with and has worked with the City of Malibu.  Knowledge of the permitting process is a valuable asset that can not be understated. If your contractor does not know how to navigate the local permitting process, your project can be held up for months or even years.  The City of Malibu has a website with useful information on local Malibu contractors.

◾  Get references from family members, friends, and neighbors who have had similar work done. If your neighbor has had a new solar system installed or if you’ve seen workers coming and going recently, ask about them! Get names and numbers of companies, and ask if the job was done competently and on time.

◾  Meet with and get estimates from at least five contractors. This will allow you to get a feel for each contractor’s professionalism and responsiveness. You’ll also be able to compare and contrast what each contractor promises to do and for what price. Consulting with experts is free, and you might end up tweaking your project for the better, based on what the contractors are telling you.

◾  Check contractors’ licenses and see if there have been lawsuits or complaints filed against them. The state of California has various websites and databases, and the Better Business Bureau is a good resource.

◾  Check that your contractor's insurance is active and has the proper coverage.

◾  Get a realistic timeline of when the project will be completed at your Malibu property. Remember, contractors and builders have struggled to source building materials and find skilled workers throughout the pandemic. You should also ask what portion of a job will be handled by subcontractors.

To help find the right Malibu contractor, search out the Malibu Chamber of Commerce for members that are contractors. The Malibu Chamber keeps a list of service providers, which is a good resource.   Local service organizations like the Malibu Optimist Club, Malibu Lions Club, Boys and Girls Club of Malibu, and the Malibu Rotary Club. If a contractor has a good record of service to the community and volunteer work within Malibu they are most likely of good character.    

These are just a handful of the many helpful tips to find the right Malibu Contractor for your home, and when you work with a local expert like Brian Merrick, his knowledgeable guidance will help you find the right contractor for your project. 


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