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Staging your home is one of the most straightforward and most efficient techniques to sell your home quickly for maximum profit. The best way to ensure prospective buyers get a chance to see your property represented in its best light is to hire a professional who can help illustrate everything a house has to offer without necessitating a complete makeover. 

Our team's professionals work with what you have, dressing up the space to make it appear larger and employing other handy tricks to make your home look the most appealing. It's all about knowing how to highlight the property's most desirable assets and pulling attention away from any imperfections. 

Brian Merrick and his team offer staging and redesign services, otherwise known as "design to sell" assistance, to help you prepare your house for the market. Apart from our innovative, personalized approach, we also have an extensive list of contacts who can clean, move, paint and prepare your property. 

Judy is our staging expert. She specializes in helping sellers get their property ready for open houses and private showings. It's her specialty! Thanks to her FIDM background and intense passion for design, Judy offers professional staging services that drastically enhance your home's appearance and ultimately increases your property's value. 

Benefits of Staging

You'll make more money. Staged homes are proven to sell for up to 10 percent more than your initial asking price! Who doesn't want to get the most you can out of a home you've invested in for years? 
You'll sell faster. The longer a house stays on the market, the more money you'll pay in the long run to maintain and advertise your listing. That's why it's so beneficial to acquire staging services that make your home more marketable to a broad range of potential buyers. A staged home looks more neutral and helps buyers imagine what their family and possessions will look like inside the space.

What Does Staging Entail?

Depending on what the room needs, we will provide a variety of services like painting, cleaning, and decorating:

  • Touch-up or repaint walls, trim, and ceilings
  • Clean or replace carpeting
  • Clean curtains, shutters, and blinds
  • Clean fireplace, mantle, and surrounding areas
  • Update décor—throw pillows, bedspreads, towels

We'll take care of any kitchen and bathroom cleaning, too, including decluttering, depersonalizing, and sprucing the space.

  • Clean appliances inside and out
  • Clear out and clean cabinets, drawers, and pantry
  • Clean, repair or replace faucets and fixtures
  • Declutter counters
  • Regrout sinks, tubs, and showers

Even after the initial staging, there is more to be done before each individual showing! It's essential to stay on top of things to refresh and make everything as pleasant as possible for the next potential buyer.

  • Pick up toys and clutter
  • Clear off counters and tabletops
  • Turn on lights
  • Make beds
  • Make sure home smells inviting
  • Set thermostat to a comfortable temperature

A home that looks its best is more likely to sell faster and for a better price. Here are a few tips

from the experts for preparing your home for market and staging it for showings when you're on your own.

  • Your home's exterior
    • Repaint or touch up the trim
    • Make needed repairs
    • Wash windows and screens
    • Trim trees, hedges, shrubs
    • Weed and feed the lawn, maintain mowing
  • Entrance hall
    • Check doorbell and replace lightbulbs
    • Replace or purchase a welcome mat
    • Clean, repair, or repaint front door
    • Sweep walkway
  • General maintenance
    • Replace burned-out lightbulbs
    • Clear out closets
    • Eliminate clutter
    • Neutralize and depersonalize

Whether you're looking to buy, sell or lease a Malibu property, Brian Merrick and his team are happy to assist. Contact our team today to begin the process and register for an initial staging consultation.

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