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Old Malibu Joe

Brian Merrick | August 16, 2022

Old Malibu Joe. Old Joe was Malibu's first and most beloved homeless person. An immigrant from Italy who spoke very little English, Joe was a fixture at the Malibu Little League fields which were located where the present day Malibu Lagoon State Park is. Malibu Joe would watch the baseball games and smoke his pipe not bothering a sole. He was a proud man and almost never took a handout when offered to him.  If you wanted to give him something you had to drop it into his makeshift tent home at cross creek. He traversed everywhere on his bicycle between Carbon Beach and Malibu Road. Malibu Joe was so popular that a memorial plaque was erected in his honor. If you can still find it behind the weeds and empty Starbucks cups the plaque is still there behind the modern day Shell Gas station across from the lumberyard in the location he had his makeshift home and hangout spot.  Old Joe was murdered at that location in 1988.  He was 96 years old when he died.    See below for an LA Times link to a story they ran upon his death. 

LA Times article: http://articles.latimes.com/1988-09-14/local/me-1868_1_malibu-joe

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