8 Photography Secrets to Make Your Home Stand Out

Brian Merrick | February 7, 2023

Quality photography can have a significant impact on a home listing. As most buyers start their searches online, it’s integral that pictures stand out from the crowd. Good listing photos start with preparing the home to photograph. Hiring a professional is the best way to take high-quality images. When photographing your Malibu real estate, use these eight essential secrets.

1. Start with a clean home

A quality photo starts with a clean home. Pictures of a messy or cluttered home can overwhelm the eye at first glance. They also show buyers that a seller hasn’t taken care of the property. A photo should showcase the best version of your home. Take the time to wipe down surfaces, remove smudges from countertops or fridges, and organize open shelves. Take special note of light fixtures, as they’re important for capturing a perfectly lit shot.

When taking photos, a high-definition camera will pick up on imperfections that are hard to see with the naked eye. The main culprit is dust. Particles will show up in the air, especially in the light of a camera flash. Vacuum and dust rooms beforehand to avoid this. Curb appeal is just as important for photos as it is for home showings. Maintain a front or back yard by trimming bushes and clearing walkways. In addition, remove trash cans, cars, or cables from a shot.

2. Create a shot list

For larger luxury properties like many Calabasas homes, create a shot list. This is a list of the photos you want taken of your property’s interior and exterior. This helps you stay organized and ensures you don’t miss out on important areas of the home. To do this, determine which rooms are the most appealing. Be sure to capture plenty of photos of these areas. Then, complete shots of other rooms like bathrooms, the garage, or a guest room. If your home has an odd area, consider omitting it from the shot list. Don’t forget to take photos of the front and backyard.

3. Use the right equipment

The right equipment makes all the difference in a quality photo. An experienced professional photographer will have the tools they need to take the right image. These include a good camera, a tripod to keep images at an equal height, a flash, and light modifiers. When taking exterior images of Malibu real estate, a drone is very useful. Panoramic or birds-eye photos give buyers a full sense of a home’s scale and ocean views.

4. Aim for consistency

Photos that are mismatched in brightness, angle, and height make it difficult for a buyer to conceptualize the home. They can also come off as unprofessional and misrepresent your property. When taking stellar photos, make sure they look consistent. Use a tripod to take level images at a consistent height. Many professionals consider chest height to be the best, although it depends on the type of room and home. Another way to check a shot is to assess vertical lines. These include walls, doorways, and windows. Keep vertical lines straight for an even shot.

5. Time for the best light

Natural light filters through the home differently depending on the time of day. For example, an eastern-facing dining room may be cast in shadow during a late afternoon shot. This creates a dark and oppressive mood. A photographer can plan shots around the time of day and may return at different times of the day to capture the best one. A sunset ocean view from the backyard might be just the thing to wow buyers.

Natural light should also be used along with artificial light to form the best image. When incorporating additional light sources, maintain a consistent color temperature. Sticking to only natural light has the advantage of an even light temperature. But if the back of a room is getting lost in shadow, it’s important to open it up with another light source. A professional photographer will also use tools to diffuse lighting, eliminating harsh bright spots.

6. Angle correctly

Angling photos correctly makes a difference in a buyer’s perception of space in a home. When photographing Calabasas homes, it’s best to use a variety of different angles. Not all rooms look the best straight on. Try shooting within a doorway, at the center of a room, or at a slight angle. Use wide shots for smaller areas like a bathroom or a closet. This helps the area look large and spacious. On top of that, watch out for floors and ceilings. Adding too much of either in a photo can make a room feel cut off.

7. Always edit

To create the best viewing experience for buyers, edit your photos. Common blunders to look for are distortion, lighting differences, and shadows. Ensure that highlights don’t pop out too much, shadows don’t take over a shot, and that images are sharp. Editing can also be used to add or delete sections of a photo that were overlooked in the preparation stages.

8. Mistakes to avoid

Small, forgotten details can have a large impact on a buyer’s perception of the property. It takes them out of the viewing experience, leaving them with memories of a blunder rather than a home’s best features. Make last-minute touches before photographing. These include putting down a toilet seat, turning off a television, or straightening out the wrinkle in a bedspread. Avoid an over-staged look by limiting the props used.

Ready to photograph your home?

Photographs that stand out to a buyer are high quality, well-lit, and void of any mistakes. This makes for the best digital viewing experience. Finding the right help to photograph your home can be difficult without professional assistance. That’s why sellers photographing their properties should always partner with a local agent. When you’re ready to make your home picture-perfect, contact experienced agent Brian Merrick to guide you through the process.

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