Point Dume

Located in Malibu, California, Point Dume is a beautiful peninsula of land that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is at the mouth of the Santa Monica Bay.Westerners first discovered Point Dume in 1542 when Spanish explorer Cabrillo passed the Point on his way up the California coast.  It wasn’t until 1793 when explorer George Vancouver traveling south named the promontory Point Dumetz in honor of his friend Father Francisco Dumetz.  Over the years the tz was dropped and the landmark became known as Point Dume. In the 1940s the top of the headlands was shaved off for the purpose of building a luxury hotel it was determined to not be a feasible location due to geological concerns.  One early general plan had a hotel, golf course, polo field, horse paddocks, lighthouse and a mix of light residential lots. Modern day Point Dume consist of over 600 homes, condos, and apartments.   Point Dume today is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Malibu. Along with surrounding its residents with gorgeous views and ample opportunities to experience fun in the great outdoors, Point Dume also provides its residents with conveniences that make life easier. If you want to own your own Malibu real estate in the Point Dume area of this great California city, there are many Point Dume homes to choose from.